Business Owners Guide to GSD – Paying Too Little

John Ruskin 1819-1900 is attributed with publishing “the common law of business balance”

In principle the law is a statement about buying on price.

I recently was working with a client who was worried about his future network services. He was in an area where the NBN services roll out has been delayed. This due to the “challenges” of service delivery using HFC.

Like many business owners he was unsure of how to proceed. He had a pile of decision about choosing business applications, customer communications, management tools. Whether these should be hosted on site or “trusted” to external hosting, “the cloud”.

After some investigation the issue was a reliable network. Currently his services were being disrupted several time a week. He assumed that this was due to poor copper services in his area. Other business owners had expressed similar issues, particularly where NBN services were being delivered.

This is where the cost of the “law common law of business balance” came into play. He had purchased a low cost “modem/router for his current ADSL service. This was a “consumer” residential product from a retail outlet. The device was a few years old and not maintained. He was unsure of the impact of future NBN connections. And unwilling to “pay too much”!

Developing a Digital network strategy was required. It had to allow his business to seamlessly move to the NBN and improve his current reliability.

The digital strategy included; preparing a prescription for his IT contractor to deliver new “business grade” equipment. I guaranteed that he would recover the cost with in a month. This was done through removing the productivity loss caused by reconnecting his office internet several time a week.

He is now able to plan for the business decision to elevate the services for his business.