My name is Sheldon Morey.

I am a Technology Consultant and Digital Strategist in the Information Technology industry.

We use the experience of world-leading technology companies to build our 5-Step Method to achieve a healthy business with a competitive advantage.

Creating customized solutions to address business circumstances makes us different from other technology service companies.

We provide a prescription for aligning your operating goals with technology. This is a unique service to implement software, storage, and security in your business.

Technology has been my passion for 4 decades.

As an experienced solutions delivery specialist for multinational corporations, I am a digital technology expert, which saw me running a national technology services support program for over 12 years.

During that time I have helped hundreds of businesses implement technology solutions.

I am a trusted advisor on government mentoring programs.

I provide technical advice to business owners through advisory boards.

After undertaking several stress-filled changes in my business, I want business owners to be confident about transforming their business. Now I show others how to use technology to make effective and efficient changes.

Businesses that successfully transform with technology have a competitive advantage.

We expect businesses who undertake our prescriptive program to be scalable.

Their technology will allow them to grow their business.

Our breakthrough came when we discovered that the business model and the technology models can be aligned, and how to show that can.

The major problems we solve for businesses are inefficient operations, ineffective technology and lack of opportunity for a competitive advantage.

We address the problems by helping our clients create a prescription for business success through applied technology.

  • Owners struggle to make the day to day operation of their business efficient
  • Owners don’t know how to grow and change their business to effectively compete
  • Owners don’t know how to plan to deliver a competitive advantage to their business

Our goal is to show business owners how to get back the enjoyment of their business. We want them to realize their personal and business goals.

We want business to have a competitive advantage by building a prescriptive program using technology to improve effectiveness and increase efficiency.

Using a digital strategy prescription, we make businesses healthy and successful.

Work With Sheldon And Align Your Business Goals With Technology