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About Sheldon

After 12 years managing IT for business I felt that technology support needed to be better. Technology provider’s skills vary significantly. In house technology support is often a shared responsibility. These resources lack time or expertise to prepare for future disruption. The benefit is they focused on your business.

The IT world changes fast. And as a business grows, it's requirements change. Unfortunately IT can be last place where we look for business improvement. Even though it can bring the most significant benefits.

All the businesses I worked with faced the same issues;

1. Their IT no longer helped their business. It had become a business disadvantage.

2. Time and effort wasted on duplicate information and reporting. It was costing them thousands.

3. Cyber Security or a lack of, was making their business a sitting duck. They were vulnerable and did not have a disaster plan. They were at risk of losing critical information and their business being disrupted.

Manufacturers over the years have tried to make IT a commodity. Now that all areas of business rely on IT there is a common theme. That is; “I just want IT to work”!

IT is now complex. Cyber-attacks are more frequent. And many organizations are not using IT to its full advantage.

I help business owners uncover where technology can help them save. Using the s-cubed framework I give business a competitive advantage.

So, I wanted to share my my knowledge about the 3 core aspects of a digital technology strategy;
· Software
· Storage
· Security

You will also find out how to prepare for disruptive technologies. Including artificial intelligence and blockchain also called DLT. you can go to my blog page

I would like to invite you to take a complimentary cybersecurity assessment. The assessment you receive is free. Cyber Readiness Check
It will help you to pinpoint your vulnerabilities so that you can take action.

Finally, I would like to offer you a complimentary consultation. IT is a massive part of every business. Are you using it to your full advantage? Are you a cyber sitting duck?

{Digital Strategy} showing business what they need to do to have a competitive advantage, and taking them there.

{Digital Strategy} 5 Step Process

The business advantage follows a 5 step process.

  1. Strategy; creates an understanding of the business operation. Elements of business information assets are defined.
  2. Mapping; reviews the current technology program. Review integration of technology into the business.
  3. Alignment; matches the integration and information requirements of the business. Defining the business IP assets.
  4. Review; prepares the digital strategy for the business objectives. Agreement on the program direction.
  5. Transformation; of the business is undertaken in quarterly steps.

There are two designs which have grown to be accepted by the industry.

One looks at the business innovation. It describes how a business creates and delivers value. Done by showing business owners how to deliver products that customers want.

The other addresses the business technology design. It shows how the business makes effective use of technology. The process measures the competitive state of the business. Then improve the advantage through applying a business technology program.

The technique of aligning the two programs delivers a business advantage.

Business competitiveness is about costs and function. How to make a business grow. Be innovative. Control costs. While maintaining a good business operation.

Business requires a digital strategy to navigate the flow in the innovation river. Sometimes it's fast other times you’re against the tide. Having your technology and operational plan aligned is the key.

There are 9 elements of the digital strategy program. The 9 business model goals are matched with the 9 information technology elements.

Sheldon Morey

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{Digital Strategy} Framework

In the past 18 months I have been working with established business owners to help them get their IT Strategy back on track.

The 3 biggest challenges many face are ….

  1. IT Strategy no longer meets the needs of the business
  2. Hours of time are being wasted with duplication of information in order to get the required business reports. This costs thousands of dollars in staff costs.
  3. Vulnerability to IT disasters such as loss of data, business information storage and cyber security vulnerabilities

Tackling the 3 key elements builds a digital strategy.

This includes;

  • Security which protects the IP Assets of the business. So as not of over invest getting a “hack” resistant business requires, understanding the information flow. Where is the information that is a key business asset is stored and used.
  • Storage and processing technologies must be understood. Which processes and what do they require is key to improving customer value. In turn creating revenue and reducing delivery costs.
  • Software integration to support business processes. Which include Digital Marketing, Management information, finance and admin, HR support and social media.

There are competing goals for business owners. How can they gain an advantage?

Technologists, like me, must improve how the business functions. Then help manage how you deliver value to your clients.

This is achieved when costs are reduced by improving technology function. Also, better operation management to increase revenue.

How do you gain a competitive advantage?

To the business owners no one appears to be accountable. They are left to navigate the tidal flow from innovate and grow to stability and regression.

“If something isn't working in your business that's the way you designed it”

That said business owners need to be ready to head in the right direction.

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